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When Will Food Shortages Hit Us?
3 Things to Watch Out For
There are several things that will precede a major food shortage, and can be used as a signal to take action quickly to protect yourself and your family.

First of all, Rising Commodity Prices.
As prices of corn, rice, wheat and sugar start to steadily increase to all time highs, then it is time to watch the news more closely. Many food suppliers may allow their inventories to run down until they think that the prices are coming down, but if they don't, it will be a sudden food shortage for these items.

Second, Rising Oil Prices. Whether it is a steady increase in the cost of a barrel of oil (and also the price at the gas pump) or unrest in the Middle East that threatens to shut down the export of oil from the Persian Gulf region, dramatic increases in oil are a key to precipitating a food shortage. Remember, oil is needed for fertilizer, pesticides, farm tractors and harvesters, transportation to the factories and manufacturing, plus transportation to your grocery store.

Third, Fears of Global Financial Collapse. If the stock markets are in turmoil because of economic uncertainty, then the entire supply chain from the raw materials of commodities to the factories to the transportation network that brings food to your grocery store can be jeopardized.