Sheople Polled: 2/3rds Agree to Not Release Osama Photos

...and thus the flock believes in myths, so here's the pic.

Poll: Most support photo decision - Politco
The poll also found nearly two-thirds of Americans back Obama’s decision to keep not to release photos of bin Laden’s corpse. Fifty-two percent of Americans surveyed said they strongly back the president’s choice to keep the photos under wraps. Another 12 percent of those surveyed said they agreed, but not strongly, for a total of 64 percent.


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Octopus said...

So the guvvermint will not release bin Laden’s death photos (thanks be to Allah), but at least the guvvermint can at least release this: Pornography Found in Bin Laden Computer Files.

Dragon said...

OMG this is great! On point and the art is just fantastic!

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