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To Live and Die with High Fuel

$4 A Gallon Gas Prices: Who's To Blame? NPR
It's tempting to blame speculators for the price run-up. In March, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder established a task force to investigate potential fraud in energy markets.

So far, it's "clear that there are lawful reasons for increases in gas prices, given supply and demand," Holder says in a statement.

We the Sheople Elect Corporate Puppets

Obama wasn't the first one either, this has been going on for decades.

Colonel Tin-pot Gaddafi

Portrait of the young Gaddafi: A nutcase who loathed the 'ugly British' and was so unworldly he drank water from a finger bowl
A dispatch from the British Embassy in Tripoli stated: ‘The simplest conclusion to draw would be that in his vision of himself as a new Arab messiah, Gaddafi is bordering on the insane.’

King Hussein of Jordan regarded him as an unworldly ‘nutcase’.

A report from North Yemen described how that country’s ruler, President Saleh, was so shaken by an encounter with Gaddafi that he turned to the American ambassador at an event and commented: ‘Mad, isn’t he?’

Amazing Video Ads

Speed Photo Manipulation Video

The above example was made with Camatasia Studio, a screen recording and video editing program. You may have seen many speed painting videos on Youtube, which use this product.