Japan's Nuclear Fallout Maps: Photoshop Hoax or Not?

Nuclear Fallout Map Snopes
Claim: Map issued by Australian Radiation Services shows expected path of nuclear fallout across the western United States.


Winds at Japan Power Plants Should Send Radiation out to Sea
Calculated time for radioactive particles to cross the Pacific from the power plants in Japan to big West Coast cities if the particles take a direct path and move at a speed of 20 mph:

Cities Est. Distance (miles) Est. Time to Cross Pacific (days)
Anchorage 3,457 7
Honolulu 3,847 8
Seattle 4,792 10
Los Angeles 5,477 11

Are We In Danger of Radioactive Exposure from the Japanese Nuclear Leaks? ZeroHedge
The worst case scenario is that the fuel rods fuse together, the temperatures get so hot that they melt together in a radioactive molten mass that bursts through the containment mechanisms and is exposed to the outside. So they spew radioactivity in the ground, into the air, into the water. Some of the radioactivity could carry in the atmosphere to the West Coast of the United States.

U.S. West Coast in Path of Fallout Prison Planet
“If There Were a Reactor Meltdown or Major Leak at Fukushima, the Radioactive Cloud Would Likely be Blown Out … Towards the US West Coast”

The top two fallout maps have been widley circulated thoughout the web and this was before the recent reactor explosions in Japan. Is this an example of myth preceding reality or just dark humor?

The Works of Jon McNaughton

McNaughton Fine Art
I prefer to paint pictures that I believe have relevance to what is going on in the world, that make a statement, that stand for something. I hope people will study the paintings and try to understand the deeper meaning. Some of the themes are controversial, but I feel strongly about what is happening in our world today.

There are three kinds of people who view my paintings: Those who like it, those who hate it, and those who simply don’t understand. I am especially interested in this last category. I hope my work will create conversation and reach people on a deeper level. I like to use metaphor and multiple levels of meaning to reach my viewer. If it makes them think and feel, then it is successful.

War on Libya

Gaddafi's scorched earth: Libya's skies turn black as desperate dictator blows up oil pipes and turns his tanks on civilians
  • U.S. fears that both sides are locked in a bloody stand-off
  • The West wants to 'divide country and take oil', dictator claims
  • Thirteen-and-a-half hour barrage of bombs on Zawiya
  • Snipers given orders to 'shoot anything that moves'
  • 'We want the international community to support a no-fly zone', says Clinton
  • BBC news team rounded up and beaten near Zawiya

Italian Interior Minister says US military action in Libya would unleash Third World War
Roberto Maroni, Italy's Minister of Interior, said that "military intervention in Libya would mean a Third World War," apparently alluding to reports of posturing by the the United States, Great Britain, and NATO. Interviewed by the La Padania newspaper, Maroni spoke in the March 8 report on policy towards the simmering rebellions in the Maghreb region, including Libya and Tunisia. Said the minister, "A strong military action, in particular on the part of the US, would do nothing more than coalesce the other Arab states and the consequences would be devastating."

Charlie Sheen's Winning is Losing

Once was a man who consumed his place and time.
He thought nothing could touch him.
But here and now it's a different storyline.
Like the straw he is clutching...