Halloween Horrors for Democrats

Obama prepares for his scariest Halloween in office, as the Republicans come knocking...

Anger, fear as elections near
The impact will be felt Tuesday. Republicans are poised to reap the benefits of the enormous dissatisfaction with the status quo. How deeply and how broadly remains for the voters to decide, but there is little doubt that the outcome will change the balance of power in Washington.

2010 Elections Poll Roundup: Undecided Voters Leaning for Republicans
As the final full week before the 2010 election begins, President Obama and other high profile Democrats are trying to protect the vulnerable members of their party. While both parties are making last-ditch efforts to attract voters who haven't made up their minds, a new poll shows Republicans may have the advantage there: among the one third of likely voters who say they are undecided, more prefer the GOP candidate over the Democratic one.