Happy Halloween!

In the year of many tricks and few treats, Hogwarts becomes a hogroast. So go spoil some children and save the hate.

No tricks, big treat: a White House Halloween
WASHINGTON—President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, are welcoming area children and military families to celebrate Halloween at the White House Sunday evening.

Local students between 6 and 14 years old, along with children from military families, were invited to trick-or-treat their way across the North Lawn.

Colbert and Stewart Rally for Sanity

The fear part comes later...

Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert host Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear on Mall
Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, the founding fathers of fake news, drew throngs of exuberant supporters to Washington on Saturday for a joint rally that crowded streets, taxed the transit system and flooded the Mall.

UPS Delivers Flying Bombs for Halloween

Halloween is full of tricks this year. Got treats?

Barack Obama confirms explosives found on UPS and FedEx planes
President Barack Obama declared today that authorities had uncovered a 'credible terrorist threat' against America - after the overseas discovery of U.S.-bound packages containing explosives aboard cargo jets.

Halloween Horrors for Democrats

Obama prepares for his scariest Halloween in office, as the Republicans come knocking...

Anger, fear as elections near
The impact will be felt Tuesday. Republicans are poised to reap the benefits of the enormous dissatisfaction with the status quo. How deeply and how broadly remains for the voters to decide, but there is little doubt that the outcome will change the balance of power in Washington.

2010 Elections Poll Roundup: Undecided Voters Leaning for Republicans
As the final full week before the 2010 election begins, President Obama and other high profile Democrats are trying to protect the vulnerable members of their party. While both parties are making last-ditch efforts to attract voters who haven't made up their minds, a new poll shows Republicans may have the advantage there: among the one third of likely voters who say they are undecided, more prefer the GOP candidate over the Democratic one.

France Surrenders to Emporer Sarkozy's Will

History repeats, Napoleon Sarkozy shows France he's still the big cheese...

Final pension draft passes French Senate
PARIS, Oct. 26 (UPI) -- French senators, with hundreds of students demonstrating outside their chamber's windows, voted 177-151 Tuesday to bump up the minimum pension age by two years.

Sarkozy: Short, Hyper, and Still Very European
A New Yorker profile compares Nicolas Sarkozy to Napoleon: He's not just short, but he's both more Euro-centric and less of a reactionary than most Americans think. In fact, Adam Gopnik, who dubs the brazen, mercurial Sarko a "human bomb," writes than the nouveau regime may signal "the beginning of the post-America era."

North Korea's Nuclear Test Blackmail for Food

A Kim Jong-il caricature epitomized by an exploding hair style, where threatening to conduct a nuclear test results in renewed food aid to the mad hermit nation.

N.Korea 'may be planning nuclear test'
According to South Korea's biggest-selling newspaper Chosun Ilbo, US satellites detected movements of personnel and vehicles at the site where the the North carried out its first two nuclear tests in 2006 and 2009.

South Korea sends first aid to North Korea in nearly three years
A pair of freighters sailed Monday night from South Korean ports bearing the government's first donation of food for North Korea since the decade of the Sunshine policy of reconciliation when South Korea annually shipped hundreds of thousands of tons of food and fertilizer to the impoverished North.

Candidates Bobbing for Bailouts

The little consumer fishes get crumbs, if the sharks haven't eaten them yet.

Companies that received bailout money giving generously to candidates
Companies that received federal bailout money, including some that still owe money to the government, are giving to political candidates with vigor. Among companies with PACs, the 23 that received $1 billion or more in federal money through the Troubled Assets Relief Program gave a total of $1.4 million to candidates in September, up from $466,000 the month before.

No Plan B for Peak Oil

Biden demonstrates commuting on a hobby horse will save resources.

We Have No Plan B For The Coming Peak Oil Chaos
The hard news is that there is no "Plan B": the future is likely to be more chaotic than you probably think. This was the primary conclusion I came to after attending the most recent Association for the Study of Peal Oil & Gas (ASPO) in Washington DC in October, 2010.

China Trade War Flares Up

Get your Christmas toys now before prices rise with the flames, or you may have to settle for egg fooey in your stocking.

Global trade wars: China turns up the heat
China was accused of cutting off exports to Japan earlier this month. Now, some industry executives say that imports to the United States appear to have halted this week.

Around 97% of rare earth products produced in 2009 came from China, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. And there are some indications that the Chinese are turning off the spigot to the rest of the world too.

Play Currency War at Bernanke's QE2 Casino

Watch your dollar value magically debase before your very eyes in the biggest global gamble yet.

Will the Federal Reserve Cause a Civil War?
In a very real sense, Bernanke is throwing Granny and Grandpa down the stairs - on purpose. He is literally threatening those at the lower end of the economic strata, along with all who are retired, with starvation and death, and in a just nation where the rule of law controlled instead of being abused by the kleptocrats he would be facing charges of Seditious Conspiracy, as his policies will inevitably lead to the destruction of our republic.

'Currency war' warning issued
LONDON - BANK of England governor Mervyn King has warned that tensions between countries over their respective exchange rates could degenerate into trade protectionism amid talk of a potential 'currency war'.

U.S. probes report on China stopping some key mineral exports
Washington (CNN) -- A U.S. trade spokeswoman said Tuesday officials are looking into a recent New York Times report that said China has halted shipments of rare earth minerals bound for the United States and Europe.

Resurgence of the War Pigs

Since the Republicans are set to regain control of the House and virtually the only Obama policy they support is the war in Afghanistan, get ready for more pork from hell.

Maybe we should mark this event by erecting a golden hog head on the Capitol dome.

Analysis: In election, Afghan war not on voters' mind
A Reuters/Ipsos poll this week found that Americans rated Afghanistan bottom of a list of seven issues that Congress should deal with in 2011.

The lack of voter concern about the war ahead of these elections is far different from four years ago, when then-President George W. Bush's Republicans lost control of Congress in large part from discontent over the Iraq war.

End of Line for the Obama Train?

Looks like foreign interests abandoned Obama's rail service.

PACs linked to foreign firms inject millions into U.S. elections
Overseas companies have a vigorous lobbying presence in Washington, and many of them played a prominent role in derailing Democratic campaign finance legislation that would have limited their U.S. political activities. The bill, blocked by Senate Republicans, would have classified more multinationals as foreign entities and, in early drafts, could have prevented them from having PACs.

Obama Wants to End Tax Breaks for Companies that Move Jobs Overseas

In the last four years, the president charged, "Republicans in the House voted 11 times to continue rewarding corporations that create jobs and profits overseas -- a policy that costs taxpayers billions of dollars every year" in revenue lost to the U.S. Treasury.

For the latest crystal ball reading, check here: Election Forecasts - FiveThirtyEight Blog

Trade War Bluffs and Sell Outs

The current two-party political climate calls for more bowing down and selling out.

Washington Ducking the issue
We were all primed for the release of the Treasury's global currency report this afternoon, which would have included a ruling on whether China was a currency manipulator. But a decision was taken to delay the report until after the Group of 20 summit in Seoul in mid-November.

The US Steel lesson was largely forgotten also, thus history shall repeat...

Peak Water is Not an Option

Clean water is a priority, because there's nowhere to jump.

Cyprus facing up to life after 'peak water'
(CNN) -- Cyprus is an island of one million people in the Mediterranean Sea and it's facing a water crisis.

It is the first country in the European Union to face what is being described as "peak water" where the demand for water is greater than that which the natural resources can supply.

Flashback: Epic Drought: The Water Wars Begin


France: 3.5 Million Demonstrators Want Sarkozy's Head on a Platter

French pensioners are finding President Sarkosy is a lot like Marie Antoinette, as they may soon witness all their retirement dreams going up in flames.

Mass Strikes Against Austerity Brewing in France
While workplace resistance to the tsunami of attacks on our living standards, pensions, healthcare, social security, and our social wage in general is near an all time low as measured by recent U.S. strike activity, our French brothers and sisters are demonstrating a different way.

Lebanon Hails Persian King of Hate and Contempt

The receptions for malevolent frauds, like Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,  needs to be changed or one may conclude the sheople actually love death, masochism and suffering.

Ahmadinejad to make provocative trip to Lebanon
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian President, is to inflame tensions in the Middle East with a two-day trip to Lebanon during which he plans to make a provocative tour of the border with Israel. Iranian officials have indicated that the hardline leader plans to throw a "symbolic" stone at an Israeli border point during his visit, which starts tomorrow.

The Internet's Rapid Colonization of Reality

A willingness to learn new ideas and processes keeps the madness of decay at bay, but the U.S is currently suffering from 10% unemployment and 42 million people on food stamps. This trend indicates many have an aversion to change. Why is it some refuse to swim in deep water?

William Gibson says the future is right here, right now
The rapid rate of technological and social change means the future comes crashing towards us faster than ever before, says visionary science fiction author William Gibson.

"In the 1960s I think that in some sense the present was actually about three or four years long," he said, "because in three or four years relatively little would change." That stood in sharp contrast to late 2010, he said, when big changes had become a daily occurrence.

Happy Viking Day and Columbus Too

Marylin Monroe, of Norwegian descent, is here to remind us that a viking by the name of
Leif Ericson was the most likely person of European descent to have discovered North America first.

Happy Columbus Day: 10 Columbus Day Facts
1. Christopher Columbus never set foot on American soil. Despite what you may have learned in school, Columbus never actually reached America. He landed on an island in the Bahamas...

Hillary Invades the Balkans

Home of first World war, Hillary takes on the Serbia, Kosovo and Bosnia this week.
Will she be waving tickets to the EU or pistols?

Clinton off to Balkans to push EU integration
Clinton left Washington on Monday for Sarajevo, the capital of ethnically divided Bosnia-Herzegovina, which just held elections, to urge the country's new leadership to make EU. membership a priority. She then travels to Serbia and its now-independent former province of Kosovo to encourage the bitterly divided sides to normalize relations.

Flashback: Was Serbia a Practice Run for Iraq?

Betting Odds Affirm Palin Top Pick for President

Latest betting odds for the GOP's Presidential running candidate indicate Sarah Palin is running at the top of the pack. I wonder if this is an inside joke or a reality?

The betting odds at Bodog are:
Mitt Romney 3 to 1.
Palin: 4 to 1.
John Thune: 6 to 1
Tim Pawlenty: 9 to 1
Mike Huckabee: 10 to 1
Newt Gingrich: 12 to 1
Michael Bloomberg: 16 to 1
Ron Paul: 35 to 1

Meanwhile, Palin maxes out her fear talk:

Palin goes biblical: Nukes in Iran could lead to Armageddon
"We have to realize that, at the end of the day," Palin warns in the interview, "a nuclear weapon in that country's hands is not just Israel's problem or America's problem — it is the world's problem. It could lead to an Armageddon. It could lead to that World War III that could decimate so much of this planet."

Fast Food Jobs for All

Facing the recent stagnant employment figures, the McWhitehouse's leading clown announced a dramatic employment plan. All Americans will be outsourced as hamburger flippers and fry cooks to Asian interests, until trade debts are balanced.

Stagnant labor market seen as unemployment rate holds at 9.6%
The Labor Department said Friday that the unemployment rate last month remained at 9.6%, but that reflected a stagnant labor force in which people did not enter or return to the labor market to look for work. In what may be a more meaningful indicator this time, a broader measure of unemployed and underemployed workers, including part-timers who can't find full-time work, rose to 17.1% last month from 16.7% in August.

Obama Clinton Spliced for 2012

In order to reduce power struggles, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will be genetically spliced by Korean cloning doctors before the runup in the 2012 election.

Obama-Clinton ticket a possibility for 2010?
Former Bush White House chief of staff Andy Card had a few predictions for how the race may shake out - including a possible President Obama-Hillary Clinton ticket.

"[It] wouldn't surprise me if she became the vice presidential nominee. And the vice president [Biden] became the Secretary of State," Card said on CNN's American Morning. "That would shake things up."

Pope Issues Armageddon Alert

Prompted by U.S. State Department. the Pope gave the masses what they wanted and issued a Armageddon alert. "Fear is alive and well in Europe", proclaimed Pope Benedict.

Airport Lobbies Possible Terror Targets in European Plot, Official Says

The State Department issued a highly unusual "Travel Alert" Sunday for "potential terrorist attacks in Europe," saying U.S. citizens are "reminded of the potential for terrorists to attack public transportation systems and other tourist infrastructure."

The Corporatocracy Funds Insurrections

There is nothing wrong with your internet.  We command all transmissions.
For the rest of your lives, we will control all that you see , read and fear.

Tea Party vs. War Party?
If Obama refuses to go to war against Iran, a war that would send oil prices soaring, close the Persian Gulf and be a disaster for the global economy, will the Tea Party join the War Party in denouncing Obama for not launching a third war in the Near East?

Anti-globalization Movement is Funded by the Corporate Elites
The mass media serve as a system for communicating messages and symbols to the general populace. It is their function to amuse, entertain, and inform, and to inculcate individuals with the values, beliefs, and codes of behavior that will integrate them into the institutional structures of the larger society. In a world of concentrated wealth and major conflicts of class interest, to fulfill this role requires systematic propaganda.

Hence more anti-propaganda is needed...