Website Transition Produces Scrambled Brains

I decided to commemorate the web site's recent evolution with a most suitable self portrait, titled "Scrambled Brains".

Most of the changeover went as planned, although I had to read through a couple hundred technical pages in the process. The scrambled brains come in due to Google Blog Search's lack of priority in indexing its paying patrons and finding all your attempts to remedy the situation are for naught....and here I thought xml, css and theme skinning were a pain.

Ten days layer, I have 4 out of 189 articles indexed and they are even to the old address, wtf? - See Here. Since articles are dependent on being completely indexed in Google's Blog Search, the regular blog search function fails miserably. So I am rather perturbed at this inefficiency and tired of reading about it, hence I have scrambled brains.

Note: I added an additional search (bottom right), until Google finally gets around with what should of already been done.

Scramble on and don't forget the hot sauce...

Frail, the skin is dry and pale, the pain will never fail,
Until we go back to the remedy...