House of Saud Owns Fox News

Fair and balanced? LOL, maybe if your on the board of an oil company or arms dealer it is.

Saudi-Funded Fox News Rejects Ad Arguing Against Middle East Oil Dependence
Last week, progressive veterans organization released an ad arguing that “a clean energy climate plan would cut our dependence on foreign oil in half and cut oil profits for hostile nations.” The ad asserts that “every day, Iran gets $100 million richer selling oil around the world and peddling hate.”

While CNN and MSNBC have aired the ad, Fox News is refusing to do so. Politico reports Fox apparently found the ad “too confusing.” Watch the “confusing” ad:

Saudi Prince, Now Part Owner of Murdoch's News Corp., Influences Fox News
Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal now owns a 7 percent stake in Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., the parent company of Fox News, making him the company's largest shareholder outside of Murdoch's own family.

Alwaleed is best known for going to Ground Zero after the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks and personally handing then-mayor Rudolph Giuliani a check for $10 million to help finance relief efforts

Alwaleed released a statement blaming the attacks not on the Saudi airline hijackers, but on U.S. policies in the middle east. As a result, Giuliani returned the prince's donation, gaining him praise from Fox News for doing so.


Andrew Goulding Articles said...

It has little to do with Alwaleed bin Talal. It's because Fox viewers Fox would find the ad “too confusing” - because they would have to question why the Republicans are resisting the Clean Air act.

I have been saying the same thing for years:

Arab oil money = terrorism
Green Energy = richer Western countries


Mark Rain said...

Yeah, profiteering seems to have trumped commonsense. Strange days indeed...

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