Fire the Federal Reserve!

The Most Important Chart of the Century - SwarmUSA

If you or I did this poor of performance, they'd probably throw us in prison for life or ready the firing squad.

Federal Reserve Literally Killing Our Money by Mogambo Guru
James Turk of notes, "There has been an unprecedented amount of deposit currency created by the Fed over the past two years. From December 2002 until the collapse of Lehman Brothers in September 2008, the quantity of deposit currency created by the Fed averaged $11.8 billion, an amount that is relatively insignificant compared to total M1. Presently, it stands at a record high of $1,246.2 billion, which of course is highly significant."

Well, personally, I can think of many ways that this can be "highly significant", which I figure is already inherent in the fact that the M1 money supply figure (mostly just cash and near-cash), "stands at a record high."