Grand Opening Today: Swarm USA

Here's the another project I've been working.

Come on over! You might like what you read, if you're fed up with Washington!


Beginning Saturday, March 6th, will commence Swarms in support of Freedom’s Vision.

Freedom’s Vision is a non-partisan plan that fixes the economy at the root of the problem. Freedom’s Vision will repeal the Federal Reserve Act, and:
1. End debt backed money at the federal level, returning the money power to the people via their elected representatives in Congress as the U.S. Constitution dictates.

2. Clear out excessive debt and derivatives from the entire financial system, thus repairing balance sheets and producing workable debt-to-income ratios.

3. Ensure that the quantity of money remains under control in the long term.
Swarm Politics is a new and powerful political tool to leverage the power of the people. The benefits are many for America’s future and wellbeing.

The goal of the Grand Opening Swarm is to garner support for Freedom’s Vision and to grow the size of the Swarm. We are looking to build a coalition with other individuals and groups who support this most important cause. Please contact us so that we may build mutual support, we ask all Swarm members to support those who support Freedom’s Vision and the Swarm.

Ensuring freedom, prosperity, and a sustainable future for America is certainly a worthy goal. In order to incentivize new Swarm members, the American Party PAC is offering the first 25 Swarm members who bring us FIVE additional Swarm registrations a copy of Bill Still’s latest award winning film The Secret of Oz. Recent winner of “Best Documentary of 2009” and many other awards,The Secret of Oz entertains you while explaining the history behind our money and offers rare insight into solutions that can work to bring prosperity back to America.

Additionally, we are offering the most prolific supporters a free one-year subscription to Karl Denninger's Ticker Forum Gold Membership service, a $150 value and a service that is priceless for those who wish to garner insight and understand our markets and our economy. These awards will go to the first four Swarm members who bring us an additional 15 registered Swarm members.

Of course funds are needed to grow the organization and to garner political support. Therefore everyone who donates to the American Party PAC will receive a quantity of beautiful two-sided SwarmUSA business cards for distribution.


Funding and volunteer support provided by The American Party PAC.