In 2010, Zombieland Becomes Reality

Maybe they need to give out loans to dead people while they're at it.

Real estate gathering ponders 'zombie' borrowers, 'train wreck' of securitization -Tampabay
"Put another way -- 2010 looks like an unavoidable bloodbath for a multitude of 'zombie' borrowers, investors and lenders. Given the looming 'train wreck' of escalating commercial mortgage-backed securities rollovers ($250 billion to $300 billion annually through 2015). the shakeout period may extend 'several years' as even some conservative owners with well underwritten loans from the early 2000s see their equity destroyed."

'Emerging Trends' report sees commercial real estate 'bloodbath' in 2010 -Commercial Appeal
Financial zombies threaten to mar 2010 -Sydney Morning Herald

Special Forces Use Zombie Tech In Combat -Strategypage