Happy Labor Day

America needs more opportunities

It used to be that 40 percent of American wage workers in the private sector were union members, when all that was needed was a good union job for one parent per household. This was enough to win a place in the middle class.

Today, 7 percent of salaried private employees are union members nationally. It takes two working parents to makes ends meet, while 46 million people are without health insurance, 35 million are on food stamps, and 4 million are homeless.

Surge in Homeless Pupils Strains Schools NYTimes
ASHEVILLE, N.C. — In Asheville, N.C., the family of Charity Crowell, 9, became homeless in the spring when her parents lost their jobs and car, and were evicted from their home. After staying with friends and in a motel, they found a trailer to rent for the summer, but faced eviction again.

Estimated One Million Students Homeless AllGov

1 in 8 Americans, hunger is a reality - Feedingamerica.org

“No American is ever made better off by pulling a fellow American down, and every American is made better off whenever any one of us is made better off. A rising tide raises all boats.” ~JFK