Hogmania: Swine Flu Hype Pushes Health Care Act

The health propaganda game is getting rather transparent and is starting to smell like barnyard desperation. So here's a global hog horror image to go with the mandatory vaccination rumors and creating some more fear driven momentum towards the Health Care Act....oink.

Military planning for possible H1N1 outbreak
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The U.S. military wants to establish regional teams of military personnel to assist civilian authorities in the event of a significant outbreak of the H1N1 virus this fall, according to Defense Department officials.

The Fairy Tale Service Economy

All hail the king, the king is bankrupt...

Can The Economy Recover? by Paul Craig Roberts
There is no economy left to recover. The US manufacturing economy was lost to offshoring and free trade ideology. It was replaced by a mythical “New Economy.”

The “New Economy” was based on services. Its artificial life was fed by the Federal Reserve’s artificially low interest rates, which produced a real estate bubble, and by “free market” financial deregulation, which unleashed financial gangsters to new heights of debt leverage and fraudulent financial products.

The real economy was traded away for a make-believe economy. When the make-believe economy collapsed, Americans’ wealth in their real estate, pensions, and savings collapsed dramatically while their jobs disappeared.

Financial bailout aid total: $23.7 trillion -- if all goes wrong LA Times
"Although large in its own right, TARP is only a part of the combined efforts of the federal government to address the financial crisis," Barofsky writes in his latest quarterly report to Congress. "Approximately 50 initiatives or programs have been created by various federal agencies since 2007 to provide potential support totaling more than $23.7 trillion."

The idea that the economy isn't already "all going wrong" after spending over $3 trillion dollars on war and TARP seems to elude many a media mind....got gold?

Cheney's Death Squads to Operate Inside the USA

Cheney's initiation into the CIA assassin club: shooting Harry Whittington.

Report: ‘No geographical limitations’ on CIA assassination program RawStory
The Central Intelligence Agency’s secret assassination squad was allowed to operate anywhere in the world, including the United States, according to a Thursday report in The Washington Post.

Obama: Time for Your Procto Exam America!

So what have you been hiding up there all these years with no insurance?

Obama, Democrats to Ram $1.5 Trillion Healthcare Bill Through Congress by August NewsMax

John Wayne's Western Sci-Fi Film Finally Released

“Thunder Riders of the Golden West,” is about to hit DVD. On what how many people actually watch old Wayne movies?

Sci-fi western has appearance by John Wayne Houston Chronicle
If science fiction western seems like an unusual genre, that’s because it is. Thunder Riders of the Golden West, is a movie set in modern times and tells the story of cowboy truckers who hit the trail in search of $3 million worth of gold in the middle of an atomic bomb test.

China Riots: 156 dead , 1000s Arrested

President Hu Jintao's G8 plans go up in smoke...

Chinese leader's withdrawal knocks G-8 meeting down a notch Los Angeles Times

China riots: Army displays ancient preference for crossbow Telegraph UK
Despite the telescopic sights and gun-like triggers which give them more than a passing resemblance to a modern sniper rifle, the crossbows wielded by members of the military units operating in Urumqi retain a striking resemblance to their ancient counterparts.

A staple of warfare in mediaeval Europe, they are believed to have been used in China since about 400BC, appearing in Greece slightly later.

Biden Greenlights Bombing Iran

Washington speaketh with forked tongue, so follow the money. Drug and weapons sales fastest growing US job market on the next Geraldo,

Biden: Israel 'Entitled' to Attack Iran Antiwar
Oil Shocks: Biden, Iran and Fears of Another Price Jump Time
Obama: No US green light for attacking Iran Jerusalem Post

Happy July 4th!

The dream still is that one day we will have independence from finite energy resources.

The Future of Green: Nuclear Fusion
Epoch Times
ITER - International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor Wiki

Happy July 4th America!

Fireworks Sale - Jong Rockets

Hey kids, now you can play an insane dictator and terrify the neighbors too!

Is North Korea Prepping Fourth of July Fireworks?
Washington Times
COLORADO SPRINGS | U.S. missile defenses are prepared to try to knock down the last stage of a Taepodong-2 missile that North Korea is expected soon to launch if sensors detect the weapon threatens U.S. territory, the commander of the U.S. Northern Command told The Washington Times.

"The nation has a very, very credible ballistic-missile defense capability. Our ground-based interceptors in Alaska and California, I'm very comfortable, give me a capability that if we really are threatened by a long-range ICBM that I've got high confidence that I could interdict that flight before it caused huge damage to any U.S. territory," said Air Force Gen. Victor E. "Gene" Renuart, Northcom commander.

California Economy Goes Up in Flames

From AZRainman: Photoshop Satire

No visible means of support and you have not seen nuthin yet, burning down the house!

California in 'fiscal emergency'
The governor of California has declared a fiscal emergency in the US state to address a budget deficit of some $24.3bn.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger also ordered many state offices to close for three days each month until June 2010, with staff unpaid for those days.

California dreams have been decimated Arizona Daily Star
Fully 1 in 4 of the nation's underwater mortgages, for instance, are on California homes, and the effects of the governor's proposed cuts — which UCLA's Anderson School of Business estimates will cause 60,000 state employees to lose their jobs — will be to create a new wave of foreclosures and toxic assets on the banks' books.

Monster Mash: Al Franken Finally Wins Senate Seat

It's alive! Senator Al Franken's head swells on news of his victory.

Democrat Al Franken wins protracted Minnesota Senate race Boston Herald
ST. PAUL, Minn. — Al Franken refused his rival’s calls for an election night concession last November, choosing instead to begin vote counting and courtroom haggling that stretched almost eight months and ultimately landed him a seat in the U.S. Senate.

Franken’s victory over Republican Norm Coleman gives Democrats 60 Senate seats, the critical number needed to overcome Republican filibusters. When Franken is seated, which could come as early as next week, his party will have a majority not reached on either side of the aisle in some three decades.

Al Franken Wins Election In Iran The Spoof
Tehran, Iran - A judicial recount in Iran has had a very improbable outcome. Minnesota State Senate hopeful, Al Franken, has posted an overwhelming majority over incumbent President Mahmoody Ima Dinnerjacket.

Said Franken, "Oh my Allah! I didn't even know I was in the running." The Iranian election results have been plagued by protests, violence and murder. President Ima Dinnerjacket had thought the main contender for his job was Reformist candidate Mir-Hossein Mousavi. The final outcome, with Al Franken assuming the presidency, came as a bit of a shock.