Economic Bailout: Hope or Despair?

Those who fail to swim, won't be rescued. Just ask your central banker.

The Revolution Need not be Violent

There is a lot of emotion over these issues. Many people I know are against any kind of bailout (at this point). The vast majority of view points I hear are that we should let the big banks fail, and then give money to smaller banks to buy the pieces. This would allegedly promote responsibilty and still fave the economy. It would also have the effect of shortening (by making it more dramatic) the total time spent in recovery. Indeed there is a lot of debate on just how effective the bailout will be. Some are speculating we'll need another one. But as our debt obligations loom, we look towards printing money. This of course only moves us further up the curve closer to hyper inflation.

But for those willing to take those risks, I urge you to remember the pen is mighter than the sword. Oh, and careful what you wish for.

Flashback 1981