Marketing Gimmick: High Dynamic Range HDR

Will the real HDR please stand up! (click for larger image)

There's been a lot of hype about HDR or HDRi lately, which is principally designed to get the photographer/artist to waste time and money. The reality is that the HDR look can be achieved without bracketing multiple exposures, using raw images or buying any hdr software.

HDR is indistinguishable from psuedo HDR, especially when images are adjusted in 8-bit PS mode and where most viewers are using 6-bit, 262,144 dithered color, LCD tn film panels. Even when printed on an Iris for the museum, 99.99% would have no clue if you shot in raw or jpeg and/or if it was true hdr or used process filtering (The other 0.01 % are you and those you told).

This also reminds me of the old RAW is better than a high quality jpeg myth, and why all 3d graphics are actually just high contrast 2d. Coming soon, new and improved cameras to make your current tech obsolete, see Computational Photography.

The Real Truth About JPEG images

Happy chopping and don't let this matrix tomfoolery eat your wallet.