Schwarzenegger on Fire

Firenator to fight fire with fire. After that California will be the leading producer is ash and embers.

California Fires: Arnold Schwarzenegger To Put Them Out The Spoof
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has said in a television address that he will single-handedly tackle the fires that are ravaging the LA area, and expects to have them all out by tomorrow.

California Fire Season Now Year-Round in Era of `Mega' Blazes Bloomberg
California's fire season used to start in August and end by Christmas. Now it lasts year-round, and the number of blazes across the state may double this year.

Drought, heat, electrical storms and 60-year-old forest- management policies have all contributed to a threat of fire that exists every moment for residents of the most populous U.S. state. Firefighters are currently battling three wind-whipped blazes that have burned hundreds of homes near Los Angeles.