LHC Sabotage: Out of Action til Spring 2009

'Big Bang' machine out of action for months: scientists
The multi-billion machine designed to shed light on the "Big Bang" that scientists say created the universe will be out of action until the second quarter of 2009, physicists said Tuesday.

Some may call it sabotage, since helium leaked off and the event was erased from the log. This in turn induced a magnet quench and subsequent circuit failure. So what caused the leak and who erased the log?

CERN delays atom-smashing over magnet fault
At 11:27 local time (10.27 BST), the LHC’s online logbook stated that helium had been lost to the LHC tunnel and that vacuum conditions had also been lost. It added that the CERN fire brigade had been called to the scene, but the entry has since been removed.

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