Nukes for No Brainers

When Village Idiots Become World Leaders, Nuking the Planet Becomes a No-Brainer
Recently, the famous picture of Iran launching four missiles capable of reaching Israel has drawn even more attention to the renegade government in Iran. Their current activities make North Korea's nuclear program look tame by comparison. By now, you may have heard that the image was photoshopped and the test firing was actually done using THREE missiles, with a fourth added into the image. Not that this minor deception matters to the Israelis, because they are becoming nervous about these tests, and for good reason. more...

Demotivational: Illogical

Robert Blevins over at Newsvine is finding some good use of my images on his "Straight Talk" column. His articles are a great example on why I like to do these images, so go over and have a look at

Hasta La Vista Bill Gates

It's was fun while it lasted.
Thanks for the many years of Windows operating systems.

Bill Gates Steps Down, as Tech Users Reflect
On Friday, June 27, Microsoft co-founder and world's first "centibillionaire" Bill Gates stepped down from his daily involvement with the competition-shattering company that he established more than 30 years ago. While he maintains his position as chairman, Gates has decided to devote his time to philanthropy through The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

On a personal note, I have been using Vista for a few months, have had no major problems and it seems well adapted for graphic design and image manipulation. As an artist, I appreciate the new visual design, compared to the cheesy look of XP.