Omaha Mall Massacre Memorial Photo

Omaha Mall Massacre

Westroads Mall shooting - wiki

Names of victims from left to right:
- John McDonald, 65 years old. A customer.
- Angie Schuster, 36 years old. An employee.
- Dianne Trent, 53 years old. An employee.
- Maggie Webb, 24 years old. An employee.
- Gary Joy, 56 years old. An employee.
- Beverly Flynn, 47 years old. An employee.
- Gary Scharf, 48 years old. A customer.
- Janet Jorgensen, 66 years old. An employee.

Nebraska is a Native American word that means "flat water".


Anonymous said...

When American Government will decide to prohibit gun's sale?...How many deads before that?...
I'm French and it's not a french problem but it seems reasonable for the whole world to prohibit guns on sale, no?

Anonymous said...

Gary Joy is the cousin of George Washington!

Anonymous said...

Gary Eugene Scharf is the distant cousin of a stripper and actress (she did perform in Smart Alec at gunpoint), Juanita Dale Slusher, best known as Candy Barr!

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