Huckabee Horse, Pro-war Nag in GOP Lead

Huckabee Horse

Republican candidate Mike Huckabee takes the lead in the GOP nag race or perhaps a reindeer race driven by Santa kooks. I find it rather odd Huckabee is in the lead, since he has a bizarre foreign policy about arming moderate forces aka the Sunnis. Guess the preacher never fathomed blowback for his diabolical plans, the historical consequences of such repetitive failed lunacy, and neither do his supporters. So I suppose for now it's: on Dasher, on Prancer on Airhead, on Stupid...Ho Ho Ho, Merry Nutmas.

Huckabee Holds 9-Point Lead in Latest Iowa Poll
Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee held onto a 9-point lead over former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in the race for the Iowa presidential caucuses, according to a poll released Saturday by the Davenport, Iowa, Quad City Times.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson were tied for a distant third place. Both of those candidates were 22 points behind Huckabee.

The poll indicated that Huckabee's lead over Romney has eroded slightly since a month ago, when it stood at 14 points.

The Huckster's Foreign Policy

Talk to Tehran – and invade Pakistan
The word-bite coming out of Mike Huckabee's Foreign Affairs manifesto is "arrogant bunker mentality," this in reference to the Bush administration, a mindset which, the new Republican front-runner avers, "has been counterproductive at home and abroad." Mitt Romney is demanding an apology from Huckabee to the president, but this grasping at straws only confirms Huckabee's status as the front-runner.

What's significant here is that Huckabee is trying to steal the "isolationist" thunder of the real guerrilla insurgent in this race, and that is Ron Paul. Paul's angular antiwar stance is a bit much for the party rank-and-file, who have loyally supported the policy if not the president's handling of it, but now Huckabee's attack on the style (if not the substance) of Bushian interventionism provides an out for those Republicans who are beginning to have some real doubts. This is important, and encouraging, because it legitimizes the more substantial critique of interventionism coming from the Paul camp and certain precincts on the Right.

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