Putin Power Grab: Flexing Muscle is Bad for the People

I would say Putin is needing a lesson in humility, before he goes to the point of no return.

200 detained in new anti-Putin demo in Russia
SAINT PETERSBURG (AFP) — Russian riot police detained another key opposition figure among 200 demonstrators in Saint Petersburg Sunday, a day after a court jailed opposition leader Garry Kasparov for a similar protest against President Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

US says troubled by Kasparov arrest in Moscow
"We are troubled that Garry Kasparov and other leaders of the opposition have been arrested and detained. We call for them to be given proper access to legal counsel and fair treatment in processing," he said in a statement.

The former world chess champion and leader of the Other Russia opposition party was arrested in Moscow on Saturday when police broke up a march of about 3,000 protesters.

This muscle flexing is starting to look more like the dance of insane clowns.