Honey Bee Massacre: The Blame Game Continues

Super Beeman

Lucky for humanity that the honey bee can not exact a vengeful counter attack for the millions of bees who have died due to human ignorance and greed, or we might see something like this.

Imported Bees Not Source of Virus Associated with Colony Collapse Disorder
Scientists from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service (ARS) have found that the Israeli acute paralysis virus (IAPV), a virus recently shown to be associated with Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) of honey bees, has been in the United States since at least 2002, according to a note published in the American Bee Journal.

Scientific Kerfuffle Over Colony Collapse Disorder
Australia Gets Mad, as Cause of Disease Remains Elusive
First, there was the study that seemed to shed light on the problem of colony collapse disorder, highlighting an intriguing link between an Australian virus and the U.S. hives that were inexplicably emptying of bees. It called into question the imports of Australian bees that had been approved to bolster the honeybee population even before the onset of the mysterious collapse.

Then, there was another study, showing that the virus had been present in U.S. hives for several years before colony collapse disorder. That threw cold water on the Aussie virus hypothesis.