Do Drugs: Get a TV Show, Movie and Famous

Paris Pez Cocaine

You ever wonder why Hollywierd rewards drug using wierdos with more contracts? Orwell would probably say because a drug addict is easier to control and oppress. So enable drug users and watch the world turn into an addiction driven society. Got slaves?

Snort Coke, Get Reality Show

On Monday former American Idol star, Jessica Sierra agreed to a plea bargain for felony battery and possession of cocaine and by Wednesday she’s become the star of a new reality television show.

Lindsay looking forward to 'Ugly Betty'
Earlier this month, Lohan also served a prison sentence after admitting to drunk driving and possessing the drug cocaine. However, she was released only 84 minutes after being put behind bars at the same jail at which Paris Hilton served a 23-day sentence.

Cocaine use rises sharply in Europe: EU report
BRUSSELS (AFP) — Whether it's to numb the nightmare of prostitution, cope with work pressure or simply to party, cocaine use in Europe has risen alarmingly and more people are seeking treatment for abuse, according to a report released Thursday.

An estimated 4.5 million Europeans are likely to have used cocaine in the last year -- up from 3.5 million a year ago -- while seizures of the drug have soared by almost half over 12 months.