War Horror Halloween: No Need for Costumes

The war machine is cranking out plenty of ghoulish nightmares, so who really needs costume this year? Which leads to believe why the war propagandists want to destroy the Halloween holiday, cause it reminds them too much of their hellish selves.

Now They Are Waging War On - You Guessed It - Halloween!
Guess they couldn't wait for the war on Christmas, so Fox has decided to declare war on Halloween. Camerota said that several schools were banning costumes and jack o lanterns saying it promotes evil and poor food choices.

On the other side of the planet, we have trick or nuke Iran, whereas President Ahmadinejad has turned himself virtually green in his pursuit of enriched uranium.

Maybe next year we can have a traditional Halloween to amuse the kids, instead of adults behaving like real monsters.

Happy Halloween and have some candy :)