Stop Extinction: Mutant Frogs Make Good Frankenfood

Photoshop: Froglicious Fruit
Many say a precursor to mass extinctions is when the amphibians start to die out. So I have a plan, we combine frog DNA with fruit and there by saving the frogs while gaining a new food commodity. The froglicious fruit will also control insects by eating them, thus avoiding the cost of insecticides and reducing the need to fertilize them.

Frog deformities linked to fertilizer runoff Daily Cardinal
Fertilizer runoff may be fostering parasite populations and causing an increase in frog deformities, a University of Colorado study published in September suggested.

Deformed frogs first started attracting attention in 1995 when Minnesota schoolchildren found a number of frogs with missing or extra limbs. While theories abound as to possible causes for the malformations, Pieter Johnson of the University of Colorado at Boulder and his team discovered that excess nitrogen and phosphorus initiated a series of events leading to deformed frogs.

Deadly fungus threatens mass extinction of frogs Times Online
Conservationists estimate that 170 species of frogs have become extinct in the last two decades and fear another 1,900 are on the way out.

Amphibians form an important element of the world’s ecological biomass, especially in tropical zones where they are so numerous that they play an important role in controlling insects and bugs that can cause diseases in humans.