Mass Insanity and Middle East Genocide

Image: Genocide in the Middle East
Tears are all she has left, until the next deadly step...

I find little reason, logic or sanity in destruction, especially if we are to build a better planet with its finite resources. Some may argue it's to prevent more destruction, but through 1000s of years of war and with each war getting more horrendous, I find little historical data to back up this flawed reasoning.

War is the product of reactionary animal level thinking and to use genocide as a justifiable excuse to prevent more mass murder is insane. It's even worse when mass murder is used as an excuse to cover up criminal activity. More wrongs do not make rights and a path of destruction leads us all closer to oblivion.

Welcome to the mad house of mass insanity...

The Iraqi Genocide

The Armenian genocide

Turkish Parliament approves Iraq invasion

Opium funding up to 40 percent of Afghan unrest

Fearing chaos, U.S. officials review stance on Pakistan

All I can say is that my life is pretty plain,
ya don't like my point of view,
ya think I'm insane,
Its not's not sane