Epic Drought: The Water Wars Begin

If record oil prices weren't enough, now water wars are making the headlines. It has been said over half of the world's people will live with water insecurity in the coming decade. I suspect the advance planners are already gearing up to secure water supplies, with Lake Vostok being one of the biggest prizes of all.

America battles 'epic' drought The Age
As California battles wind-whipped wildfires, vast areas of the US are struggling with an epic drought that has millions of people fearing their taps could run dry.

In the south-east, farmers are struggling with failing crops, environmentalists warn of impending disaster and three states are locked in battle over the use of a rapidly dwindling manmade lake.

"Nearly half of the south-east is in extreme drought and water supplies have reached critical levels in some cities," says Michael Halpert, head of forecast operations at the official Climate Prediction Center.

2007: A Record-Setting US Drought Huffington Post
About 43 percent of the contiguous U.S. fell in the moderate to extreme drought categories (based on the Palmer Drought Index) at the end of September.

US Drought Monitor

In a world of finite resources, we have chosen war over ingenuity and in the process we are destroying more of our resources on the road of self destruction.