Train Wreck on UK Guardian

The blogs editor at the Guardian in London was kind of enough to use
my "Clinton Obama Trainwreck" image for an illustration in his article.

You can read his story here:
They love to hate Hillary

Thanks Kevin :)

...and here's some follow up from Kevin Anderson that I noticed over on Corante.

Don't be afraid of Creative Commons

I used a picture from Flickr to illustrate Republicans hatred of Hillary Clinton on our new US-focussed blog, Deadline USA. I take care to link back to the original photo, credit the user and link to their profile and make sure that it is clear that this is CC-licenced content, not content under Guardian copyright. If I have contact information, I let the photographer know that I used the picture. This morning, I got a nice message from the Flickr user who created the illustration, azrainman. He thanked me for making the extra effort, and even gave me a little link love.

I also made a couple more Obama Clinton images, as seen here:

...and here's an oldie, that I made a couple years ago: