All Hail King Gore of Roasting Carbon

Planet Gore

On planet Gore, we dream of green tech and hope we don't roast away before a miracle happens.

Anoint Him!
Al Gore at long last stands to be recognized for his great efforts on behalf of humanity. The fiery prophet of warming is favored for the Nobel Peace Prize.

King Gore of Carbon

The King of Carbon gives new meaning to the word Cha-Ching. So what does climate change really mean? Why it's a new market of course, so go buy something green.

Al Gore's $100M climate ad blitz
The former vice president, Oscar-winner and now Nobel Peace Prize recipient is embarking on a climate-change advertising campaign estimated to cost between $100 million and $200 million a year, one of the largest public service campaigns in history. Expect to see television commercials, newspaper spreads and Internet ads popping up in a few months time.