War Horror Halloween: No Need for Costumes

The war machine is cranking out plenty of ghoulish nightmares, so who really needs costume this year? Which leads to believe why the war propagandists want to destroy the Halloween holiday, cause it reminds them too much of their hellish selves.

Now They Are Waging War On - You Guessed It - Halloween!
Guess they couldn't wait for the war on Christmas, so Fox has decided to declare war on Halloween. Camerota said that several schools were banning costumes and jack o lanterns saying it promotes evil and poor food choices.

On the other side of the planet, we have trick or nuke Iran, whereas President Ahmadinejad has turned himself virtually green in his pursuit of enriched uranium.

Maybe next year we can have a traditional Halloween to amuse the kids, instead of adults behaving like real monsters.

Happy Halloween and have some candy :)

Stop Extinction: Mutant Frogs Make Good Frankenfood

Photoshop: Froglicious Fruit
Many say a precursor to mass extinctions is when the amphibians start to die out. So I have a plan, we combine frog DNA with fruit and there by saving the frogs while gaining a new food commodity. The froglicious fruit will also control insects by eating them, thus avoiding the cost of insecticides and reducing the need to fertilize them.

Frog deformities linked to fertilizer runoff Daily Cardinal
Fertilizer runoff may be fostering parasite populations and causing an increase in frog deformities, a University of Colorado study published in September suggested.

Deformed frogs first started attracting attention in 1995 when Minnesota schoolchildren found a number of frogs with missing or extra limbs. While theories abound as to possible causes for the malformations, Pieter Johnson of the University of Colorado at Boulder and his team discovered that excess nitrogen and phosphorus initiated a series of events leading to deformed frogs.

Deadly fungus threatens mass extinction of frogs Times Online
Conservationists estimate that 170 species of frogs have become extinct in the last two decades and fear another 1,900 are on the way out.

Amphibians form an important element of the world’s ecological biomass, especially in tropical zones where they are so numerous that they play an important role in controlling insects and bugs that can cause diseases in humans.

Epic Drought: The Water Wars Begin

If record oil prices weren't enough, now water wars are making the headlines. It has been said over half of the world's people will live with water insecurity in the coming decade. I suspect the advance planners are already gearing up to secure water supplies, with Lake Vostok being one of the biggest prizes of all.

America battles 'epic' drought The Age
As California battles wind-whipped wildfires, vast areas of the US are struggling with an epic drought that has millions of people fearing their taps could run dry.

In the south-east, farmers are struggling with failing crops, environmentalists warn of impending disaster and three states are locked in battle over the use of a rapidly dwindling manmade lake.

"Nearly half of the south-east is in extreme drought and water supplies have reached critical levels in some cities," says Michael Halpert, head of forecast operations at the official Climate Prediction Center.

2007: A Record-Setting US Drought Huffington Post
About 43 percent of the contiguous U.S. fell in the moderate to extreme drought categories (based on the Palmer Drought Index) at the end of September.

US Drought Monitor

In a world of finite resources, we have chosen war over ingenuity and in the process we are destroying more of our resources on the road of self destruction.

Freaking News Turns Four Years Old

FN is 4 years old

Freakingnews.com photoshop contest site has officially turned four years old. After four years of service to the internet community, FN is no longer a fly by night internet operation and is deemed a market success.

Freaking News has earned the recognition of numerous websites and blogs, and has been shown on various TV networks like CNN and MTV. It has also appeared in many famous magazines and newspapers to recently include People, New Woman, Daily Mail, and Stern. So Happy Birthday Freaking News for spreading four years of digital images and laughter to all.

Hope to see you there soon!

Oil Price Insanity: Drink Crude Cola

At the rate oil is climbing, it will probably be cheaper to fill your car with cola. So here's an idea, we can start drinking crude and then we can budget the hyperinflationary cost of oil into our food bill to make it look good on paper.

So have a big chuggalug, and here's to the financial genius of the Bush administration's creative bookkeeping, where Joe Sixpack gets the shaft and Big Oil thinks your daft.

Peak Oil Passnotes: Fractured Markets Resource Investor
Another week, another record. As you will no doubt have seen, the Nymex crude oil price for delivery to Cushing jumped to more than $92 per barrel this week. We are now being told that this figure is near the “inflation-adjusted” price for an all-time high. Yet we are also told there is little worry for the economy. We are told that modern economies do not react in the same way as before; we are told to rest easy.

This is not the case - it is not accurate. As readers of this column note, there is little love lost here for the current economic system and its charlatanesque moniker of “free markets.” The markets are most certainly not free and quite often they are hardly markets. Especially in the United States and Europe.

What we have instead is a series of financial instruments that back up basic right wing ideology. They are designed to make sure the poor are kept in their place, promote war as noble, promote deference as “meritocracy” and tell people that making demands on those in authority is an illegitimate pastime.

Remember folks the DC motto is: You can't fool them all, so fool them again...

Chertoff: The Devil Went Down to California

Photoshop: Chertoff Devil

Chertoff in Russian means "son of the devil", so it's only natural that a devil would want to go see the fire's wrath of destruction in Southern California and spread some bogus propaganda. The people of New Orleans have learned to distrust this son of the devil, and now it's California's turn to learn from the burn.

Life Under Fire : The View From San Diego Pajamas Media, CA
Looked on the TV not long ago and there was Michael Chertoff’s skeletal face making promises to us. And yes, I know, I know, there were a lot of other folks to blame for Katrina, but sorry to say, my instinctive thought was: ”Oh, terrific, the hero of New Orleans!”

FEMA Workers Masquerade As Reporters Associated Press
Real Fake News: FEMA Asks, FEMA Answers Rolling Stone

Arnolf Schwarzenegger Fire Ant

In lighter news, Arnold Schwarzenegger sets his hair on fire and tells how California has nothing to fear, if they use Arnie's fire resistant hair spray. Meanwhile, reports that fire ants are the source of all the recent arson, cause it's taboo to call it terrorism by humans. We must blame it on fictional bugs in order to be PC happy and refrain from demanding the truth.

Officials: Arson Behind Santiago Fire
CBS News has learned a task force of agencies, including the FBI, ATF, the Orange County Fire Authority and the California Department of Forestry will announce shortly that the massive Santiago Canyon Fire -- which has caused an estimated $10 million in damage -- is being officially declared an arson, and a $70,000 reward is being offered to find the arsonist.

Mass Insanity and Middle East Genocide

Image: Genocide in the Middle East
Tears are all she has left, until the next deadly step...

I find little reason, logic or sanity in destruction, especially if we are to build a better planet with its finite resources. Some may argue it's to prevent more destruction, but through 1000s of years of war and with each war getting more horrendous, I find little historical data to back up this flawed reasoning.

War is the product of reactionary animal level thinking and to use genocide as a justifiable excuse to prevent more mass murder is insane. It's even worse when mass murder is used as an excuse to cover up criminal activity. More wrongs do not make rights and a path of destruction leads us all closer to oblivion.

Welcome to the mad house of mass insanity...

The Iraqi Genocide

The Armenian genocide

Turkish Parliament approves Iraq invasion

Opium funding up to 40 percent of Afghan unrest

Fearing chaos, U.S. officials review stance on Pakistan

All I can say is that my life is pretty plain,
ya don't like my point of view,
ya think I'm insane,
Its not sane......it's not sane

Windows 7 - MinWin: Gates is Going Back to the Garden

It seems Bill Gates has finally wised up about "bigger is not always better", after seeing the dismal sales results for Vista. I wonder if Mr. Gates had some extra-dimensional help in discovering this new minimalist approach called MinWin? Was he talking to the machine elves and listening to 60's music at the time he dreamed up the Windows 7 platform? It is definitely refreshing to see that Microsoft has gained some needed awareness with its "back to the garden, less crap is better" OS.  I guess we shall see around 2010 if Windows 7 is a winner, or just another bad trip that was full of hallucinatory promises.

Windows gets a 'Mini-Me' CNET News
The kernel, which lacks Vista's bells and whistles or even a graphics system at all, takes up just 25MB on disk as compared with 4GB that the full Windows Vista takes up. And while people would need far more than MinWin to run even a basic Web server, Traut said it shows that Windows, at its heart, does not have to be a monster resource hog.

Microsoft shows off leaner kernel for Windows 7 Computerworld
Microsoft has 200 programmers working on slimming down the Windows kernel for the next version of the operating system, a company engineer revealed in a presentation last weekend at the University of Illinois.

"A lot of people think of Windows as this really large, bloated operating system, and that may be a fair characterization, I have to admit," said Eric Traut, who holds the title of distinguished engineer at Microsoft. "[So] we created what we call MinWin. It's still bigger than I'd like it to be, but we've taken a shot at really stripping out all of the layers above and making sure that we had a clean architectural layer there."

Vista Business sales soar like leaping dachshund Register UK

Vista Backlash: Microsoft Quietly Lets Vista Users Revert to XP PC World

We are stardust, we are golden,
We are caught in the Devil's bargain,
And we got to get ourselves back to the garden.

Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young and Gates

WW3 Threat: Bush Shoots His Warhead Off

Warhead Bush
It comes as no surprise that Bush has now escalated his "kill them all" rhetoric to include the threat of World War III. I am perplexed on why the citizens of the US would continue to sit idly by and allow such insanity to play out, which further cements my belief that most people desire a nuclear apocalypse as a toast towards their acrimonious levels of rising hate and suicidal self pity.

So que the Highway to Hell song and stay tuned for another episode of Bush shoots his head off, because next time it may be with a real nuclear warhead.

George Bush warns Putin over 'World War III' Telegraph UK
President George W Bush has raised the spectre of "World War Three" breaking out if Iran was allowed to acquire nuclear weapons.

"So I've told people that, if you're interested in avoiding World War Three, it seems like you ought to be interested in preventing them from having the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon."

World War III Is Going To Be Hilarious Huffpo
Bush says, "But this -- we got a leader in Iran who has announced that he wants to destroy Israel. So I've told people that if you're interested in avoiding [grinning] World War III [end grinning], it seems like you [begin giggling] ought to be interested in preventing them from have the knowledge [end giggling] necessary to make a nuclear weapon."

Yeah that's a real riot, like roasted babies on hot coals is hilarious too...

Nuked Iran

Putin gave Iran "special" atomic message Reuters
Putin's visit to Tehran on Tuesday was watched closely because of Moscow's possible leverage in the Islamic Republic's nuclear row with the West. It was the first time a Kremlin chief went to Iran since Josef Stalin in 1943. During the visit, Putin made clear to Washington that Russia would not accept military action against Iran and he invited Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Moscow for talks.

By the way oil is starting a new spike, see:
War Games Week: Vigilant Shield 08

General Sanchez: Nightmare on Iraq Street

General Ricardo Sanchez seems to believe the reality of Iraq is haunted by a Freddy Kruegar archetype, as he laments on the new epic saga of "Nightmare on Iraq Street, No End in Site". How long before the American public demands to stop the insanity or will they just get used to never ending horrors?

Ex-General: Iraq a 'Nightmare' for US Guardian UK
ARLINGTON, Va. (AP) - The U.S. mission in Iraq is a ``nightmare with no end in sight'' because of political misjudgments after the fall of Saddam Hussein that continue today, a former chief of U.S.-led forces said Friday.

Sanchez: Iraq war 'a nightmare CNN
He said the Iraq war plan from the start was "catastrophically flawed, unrealistically optimistic," and the administration has not provided the resources necessary for victory, which he said the military could never achieve on its own.

"Do you know the terror of he who falls asleep? To the very toes he is terrified, because the ground gives way under him, And the dream begins...” - Friedrich Nietzsche

All Hail King Gore of Roasting Carbon

Planet Gore

On planet Gore, we dream of green tech and hope we don't roast away before a miracle happens.

Anoint Him!
Al Gore at long last stands to be recognized for his great efforts on behalf of humanity. The fiery prophet of warming is favored for the Nobel Peace Prize.

King Gore of Carbon

The King of Carbon gives new meaning to the word Cha-Ching. So what does climate change really mean? Why it's a new market of course, so go buy something green.

Al Gore's $100M climate ad blitz
The former vice president, Oscar-winner and now Nobel Peace Prize recipient is embarking on a climate-change advertising campaign estimated to cost between $100 million and $200 million a year, one of the largest public service campaigns in history. Expect to see television commercials, newspaper spreads and Internet ads popping up in a few months time.

Putin: Cold War Today, Nuke You Tomorrow

The cold war is back thanks to all of you. With the help of our current world leaders, the planet has become a more hostile and paranoid place. So how long before the bomb drops again, whilst many dolt about like mindless sheep?

The gears on the military-industrial war machine roll on, while arms treaties become bird cage liners as countries prep for the big showdown. I suspect many dream of nuclear suicide as a means to freedom.

Putin threatens withdrawal from cold war nuclear treaty UK Guardian
Mr Putin said that Moscow is planning to dump the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty (INF) - signed in a landmark deal between the US and Soviet Union in 1987 - unless countries like China are included in its provisions.

FBI: Violent Crime On The Rise CBS News
Sadistic Murders on the Rise: Worldwide Terror FSM News
Study: Since Iraq war, terror attacks go up 600% NYU News

Significant Ongoing Armed Conflicts, 2007

"All the war-propaganda, all the screaming and lies and hatred,
comes invariably from people who are not fighting."
George Orwell (1903 - 1950)

Sneak Preview of Google's New Gphone

The Gphone's sliding pop screen looks real handy. I hear it even chops, dices, and juliennes in case you need to make dinner while catching up on your email.

Google's 'Gphone' said to be mobile OS Register, UK
New reports suggest search giant Google is believed to be working on a mobile operating system and not a handset device as previously speculated. Engineers at the company have been working on a secret mobile project for two years and observers had until now believed the project involved a mobile handset, which some had dubbed the "iPhone killer"

So how long will it be before we rename the planet to Google?

Yoda Force Straightens Leaning Tower of Pisa

Yoda, on vacation in Italy, attempts to straighten the famous tower.

So I wonder what the empire has to say about all this?

May the farce be with you...

Secret Service Botched Assassination Attempt on Iran President?

The Gulf Pirates may start shooting back.

A US Secret Service agent shot at the floor of car that was protecting Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, when he was in Manhattan on Sept. 25th. How do you accidentally shoot a car if you are a trained pro of the SS? Was it a hit gone bad or a warning shot to not come back? You can add this to the list of how to promote world war in a pirate fueled world...arrrrrr.

Secret Service Agent Shoots Car ABCNews Blotter

War Games Week: Vigilant Shield 08

War Game

The US war propaganda machine will be ramping up its rhetoric this coming week to include anti-terrorism drills with the advent of the USNORTHCOM's VS-08 that is slated to run from October 15-20th. Perhaps Homeland Security can distribute even more war mania in the form of a holographic board game, which can increase the entertainment level for the whole war crazed dysfunctional family.
Exercise Vigilant Shield ’08 slated for October NORAD
Dangerous Crossroads: US Sponsored War Games Global Research
Petraeus: Iran still fueling war CNN

Bush is still in denial mode in regards to bombing Iran, so I suggest you keep an eye on commodity prices for a price spike as the green light towards expanding the resource war.

More quotes available at TFC Commodity Charts

Tax Fugitive Ed Brown Surrenders

Here's a poster Ed can hang in his federal prison cell.

Looks like Brown's heated rhetoric about never surrendering was a pipe dream. Now the piper collects for his indiscretions, because in this world it's still death and taxes as the two things you can always count on.

N.H. tax evaders taken into custody after standoff
    (CNN) -- A couple convicted of tax evasion was taken into custody after a five-month-long standoff with federal agents in New Hampshire, a federal law enforcement source with knowledge of the investigation told CNN. Ed and Elaine Brown, who had refused to surrender to authorities to serve their prison sentences, were taken into custody without incident Thursday evening by U.S. Marshals at about 8:00 p.m.

    Bad Browns bad Browns
    Watcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do,
    when they come for you

    As sung by the Fat IRS Opera Lady....

    Senator Commode Craig is Back

    flush me

    It seems the Senator is suffering from a bad case of denial constipation, so maybe he needs an enema. I suggest we all flush Craig right out of DC and here's the image to get you all started.
    Craig Vows to Stay in Senate
      WASHINGTON (AP) — Idaho Sen. Larry Craig defiantly vowed to serve out his term in office on Thursday despite losing a court attempt to rescind his guilty plea in a men's room sex sting.

    Train Wreck on UK Guardian

    The blogs editor at the Guardian in London was kind of enough to use
    my "Clinton Obama Trainwreck" image for an illustration in his article.

    You can read his story here:
    They love to hate Hillary

    Thanks Kevin :)

    ...and here's some follow up from Kevin Anderson that I noticed over on Corante.

    Don't be afraid of Creative Commons corante.com

    I used a picture from Flickr to illustrate Republicans hatred of Hillary Clinton on our new US-focussed blog, Deadline USA. I take care to link back to the original photo, credit the user and link to their profile and make sure that it is clear that this is CC-licenced content, not content under Guardian copyright. If I have contact information, I let the photographer know that I used the picture. This morning, I got a nice message from the Flickr user who created the illustration, azrainman. He thanked me for making the extra effort, and even gave me a little link love.

    I also made a couple more Obama Clinton images, as seen here:

    ...and here's an oldie, that I made a couple years ago:

    Musharraf: Nuclear Serpent

    Pakistan is a nuclear weapon proliferator and Musharraf will soon to be known as the forefather of the nuclear jihad. With the recent rise of instability in Pakistan and their elections in November, the odds of a nuclear war have increased....the cobra is rising.

    How the West summoned up a nuclear nightmare in Pakistan UK Times
    American officials knew that Musharraf had known about the nuclear trade all along. And Washington had itself not only turned a blind eye to Pakistan’s nuclear bomb project for decades but had covered it up for imperative geopolitical reasons, even when Islamabad began trading its secret technology.

    By 2003 there was mounting evidence – still kept from Capitol Hill and the UK parliament – that Pakistan’s clients now encompassed North Korea, Iran and Libya and probably other countries and individuals too.

    I suggest you check out this book for something interesting to read:
    Deception: Pakistan, the United States, and the Secret Trade in Nuclear Weapons